10 ways to spend your commission this Christmas

10 ways to spend your commission this Christmas

You’ve had a great month. Your tenants have all successfully moved in and saved themselves money on their energy and broadband deals. You’ve saved time through using SULU Software and what’s more, you’ve been paid commission for using our services!

But what are you going to do with your hard earned cash? It’s Christmas, so you could save it up, or you could celebrate and spend some money on yourself!

Here are some of our ideas of how you could spend that hard-earned commission:

Celebratory weekend drinks – Head out on the town and raise a glass to a successful month.

Save up your commission for a team building trip – Why not organise a team building exercise at an escape rooms, take on a detective game or treasure hunt.

Go to a show – Take a trip to the theatre, cinema or a gig for some light entertainment.

New coffee machine for the office – Why not use your commission to buy a new office coffee machine. Enjoy a selection of hot drink choices to kick start your day.

Wireless phone charger – In the office we know that you’ll be running round. With a wireless phone charger, you’ll be able to keep your phone full of juice.

Art – Why not spruce up your office space and add a bit of personality, colour and inspiration with some wall art.

Plants – Indoor plants will add some colour and life to your office. Recent studies even prove that office plants increase happiness and productivity.

Comfortable chairs – When you’re at the office you want to sit in something comfortable and good for your back. There are plenty of modern and comfy chairs out there.

Giant Snow globe – Get into the Christmas spirit by hiring a giant inflatable snow globe for the office!

Donate it to charity – Donate your commission to a local cause this Christmas.

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