Half of babies born in rented accommodation

New analysis from Royal London has found that around half of all babies born in Britain are now born into rented accommodation.

The analysis, using data from the Family Resources Survey, suggests that parents are renting from private landlords for longer.

The number of families with children privately renting has risen by 94% in a decade. There is also an increasing proportion of households that house children under the age of 5.

Across the UK, numbers of renting families with children almost doubled in ten years to 1.8 million, with large regional growths in north-east England, Yorkshire and the Humber and Northern Ireland.

Rented accommodation is becoming a long-term situation for young people, rather than temporary, and they are increasingly likely to begin families while still renting.

Royal London reports that the growth of the rental sector, coupled with the rising cost of renting has put homeownership further out of reach for those aged between 25-34.

The study shows that the average age for a first-time buyer is now 34, compared to 26 back in 1997.

Figures from the English Housing Survey show how many people are renting later into adult life.

Among 35 to 44-year-olds, the proportion renting privately rose from 13% in 2007-08 to 28% in 2017-18.

The size of the private rented sector continues to increase and we’re seeing a change in the profile of the demographics within the sector. With a growing number of families now renting, we are seeing more calls for greater security which has opened up the debate about longer tenancy agreements, especially with people taking the decision to rent for longer periods of time.

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