SULU Energy Bridge

Our void solution partnering with ScottishPower.

SULU Energy Bridge is our void solution.

Our preferred energy supplier is ScottishPower, who offer your landlords a seamless transition between tenancies and a tailored tariff* that is designed to help minimise cost during the void period. What’s more, by working with ScottishPower we will not only provide landlords with a tailored tariff but will also extend choice to their tenants to help them choose ScottishPower’s best available tariff option.

Why ScottishPower?

ScottishPower recently announced that it will be the first big energy company in the UK to produce 100% green electricity.

Earlier this year, ScottishPower was recognised in the 2018 uSwitch Energy Awards as the Large Supplier of the Year, achieving the top score for Overall Customer Satisfaction out of the Big Six.

* ScottishPower’s Energy for Landlords tariff is only available during the void period to landlords with domestic properties supplied via a credit meter