Select Loyalty Club


Thanks for stopping by. Building on some of the great stuff we already do, we have launched our brand new “Select Loyalty Club” especially for you, our valued customers of Tenant Shop.

Select is an entirely free subscription which you qualify for as a Tenant Shop customer. This is just our first edition, but we already think it’s great. Select contains great deals and offers tailored just to you and you can expect it to get even better as we continue to launch new features and products

As a member you will also get free access to exclusive tools designed to make your life easier….


The Vault is your personal online filing cabinet. You can store all your important documents here (tenancy agreements, insurance, deposit contracts etc). Upload all your important documents in one place, accessible from anywhere, and if they have a renewal or expiry date you can set a reminder and the Vault will send you an alert.
The calendar enables you to enter important dates and set a reminder…so you will never forget your Great Aunts Birthday…again! Handily, you can link this to the documents in the Vault to ensure you keep on top of renewals.
The budget planner is a simple to use tool that provides you with the ability to look at your expenditure by adding details of how much you spend on a monthly basis.
News can be customised so you get what you want to read as well as tailored content written with you in mind.


In addition to these tools you will find links to products and services which we think will be of interest to you and we will bring you exclusive offers and special discounts, just for being a member!

This product range will only increase as we continue to grow and as a club member you can be sure to look forward to even more exclusive offers coming your way.

Remember this is your club, so if there are any features you would like to see, then let us know, and if you have any comments or feedback, we’d like to hear from you.

We’re very glad you’re here. Join today, and you will be one of the first members of our exclusive club. Stick around, and we’ll keep bringing you great offers and discounts.


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